Office Chair Caster Wheels, Universal Heavy Duty Replacement Safe on Carpet & Hardwood Floors – Lifetime Warranty!

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Office Chair Caster Wheels, Universal Heavy Duty Replacement Safe on Carpet & Hardwood Floors – Lifetime Warranty!

✓ Experience The Best Feeling Replacement Chair Wheels
- Gives your old chairs new life.
– Gives your new chairs upgraded performance.
– 3′ wheels make it faster and smoother to roll.
– Whisper quiet operation.
– Rubber wheels won’t scratch wood floor – throw away ugly floor mats!

✓ Heavy Duty Construction
- Steel Support Bracket, Dual Steel Ball Bearings, Polyurethane Outer Wheel, Polypropylene Inner Core.
– 130lbs per caster / 650lbs load for a set of 5.

✓ Perfect For Schools, Classrooms, Home Offices and More!
– Start your dream DIY home projects.
– Better productivity in your medical office, dental office, barber and salon shops!
– Quiet operation in conference rooms, cubicles and reception rooms.

✓ Compatible With All The Top Major Brands (Except Ikea)
- 7/16″ (11mm) x 7/8″ (22mm) universal stem.
– Great for Herman Miller Aeron, Hon, Galam, Serta, Lane, Humanscale Freedom and the DXRacer gaming chair.
- Takes your high-end chair to a new level of awesome!

✓ Lifetime Warranty – Buy Once, Keep Forever!
– AlwaysLux pledges a lifetime guarantee!
– Replacement Rollerblade Casters for life – the last pair you ever buy!

✓ Why Buy From Us?
- We have years of experience selling on Amazon.
– We have over 560 (5-STAR) seller reviews!
– We respond to inquiries in 4 hours or less!

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daggerdragon says:

I am now the coolest 90′s kid on the block with my snazzy rollerblade chair wheels tl;dr: Rollerblade wheels are definitely not snake oil – you will NOT regret buying these.Long Version:While shopping for a new chair, I came across a listing for another brand of these wheels. My curiosity was piqued so I paused the chair-search and did some more research on non-ugly-plastic-stupid-scratch-the-floor casters. I have wooden floors and I hate the look of the plastic mat, but how else am I going to protect the wood?I’ve been burned before by “life-changing” products that turn out to be very expensive snake oil, so I was apprehensive about these things. Seeing page after page of reviews that ended with “I received this product for free/cheap in exchange for my honest/unbiased review” wasn’t helping either. (Side note: this is my own honest/unbiased review BUT I paid full price for these.) However, they were only $40 and heck, I figure I’ve spent $40 on more ridiculous things, so why *not* rollerblade chair wheels?I chose AlwaysLux because they are the only ones offering a lifetime warranty and bought $40 rollerblade chair wheels to go with my $60 chair (). They arrived at the same time the chair did (yay, Amazon Prime!) so I got to work assembling everything. Alas, I ran into a snag on step 1: install the wheels into the chair wheel base.The wheels refused to push into their slots on the chair wheel base, even with a considerable amount of strength. Because there’s no central pushing location, you have to push half on the wheels and half on the hard metal edge of the wheel’s base. The wheels swivel with the lightest pressure, the chair wheel base rocks because it’s not flat, and my thumbs hurt because I tried to hold on to the wheel while bracing the swiveling against the hard metal edge on the wheel AND keep the base from rocking. After a couple failures, I gave it a rest and double-checked the “universal” size of the stem with a caliper vs. the chair’s original plastic casters – same size. I double-checked the Amazon reviews, they all say “need some strength but no hammer needed.” I figure maybe I just got unlucky, so I grabbed a rubber mallet, put a piece of styrofoam wrap over the wheel to protect it, and gave ‘er what for. That didn’t work either. What the heck?After trying a few more times, I got frustrated-mad and Hulked out on the wheel. To my surprise, it went in with a very obvious click. I tried again with another wheel and this time it went in with much less Hulking required. After that, the remaining 3 wheels were rapidly installed. The Secret is a combination of:- cutting a dollar-bill size/shape of styrofoam wrap, then cutting a long angled corner off one edge so you can wedge it between the base and under the wheel to keep the wheel from rolling while you’re pushing AND to wrap the other end over the hard metal edge of the wheel’s base to prevent sore thumbs.- pushing straight down *on the stem* and not on the *wheel*. Since the base is very likely not flat, I recommend putting the spoke of the chair wheel base on a hand towel or the like to 1. stabilize the rocking and 2. protect the spoke and the table/floor that you’re assembling on.- rocking the wheel stem very slightly while pushing straight down. There’s a C-ring in the groove on the wheel stem that needs to be compressed in order to go IN the stem receiver, so you need to rock ever so slightly to compress it WHILE you’re pushing straight down.I could see and feel the difference as soon as I turned the chair upright. The chair began to roll towards the wall as soon the wheels touched the floor (my floors are not level, apparently). When I I plunked my butt in the seat, the wheels stayed put until I gave myself the tiniest shove with my foot and I started rolling towards the wall WHEEEEE! I notice that the new chair is a little higher than the old chair because of the rollerblade wheels, but that just means I lower the seat a tad bit more than the old chair.With the old chair and its plastic casters, I had to haul myself/the chair to the desk with both hands, but with the rollerblade wheels, I only need one hand. With the old casters, if one of my cats horked up a hairball under my desk and I didn’t notice and rolled the chair out, I had a very gross time cleaning out all the nooks and crannies in the casters, while with the one-piece rollerblade wheels I’d only need to wipe them off. With the old casters, it was easier to stand up, push the chair across the room to where I wanted it, then sit down again; with the rollerblade wheels, I can scoot across the room with one foot and go WHEEEEE! I’m an adult, I swear.These rollerblade wheels are worth every penny and the sore thumbs. Holy crap, they’re AWESOME and why didn’t I find them…

NeverEnoughToys says:

Chair wheels much better than expected.

W. Garry Gibson says:

Product is just what it advertises

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