Geo Cruiser Portable Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair (Red)

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Geo Cruiser Portable Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair (Red)

The Geo Cruiser is a compact lightweight foldable power chair that allows you to get around easily and safely. It only weighs 46 lbs. with battery, and can be folded/unfolded in seconds. It’s portable design allows you to easily transport it in the truck of most vehicles, as well as a van, bus, train, or boat. Furthermore, it meets government regulations for safe air travel, and in most cases you can ride it directly to the boarding terminal. Now you can do more with the Geo Cruiser. Attend family gatherings, go shopping. visit museums, fairs, and other social events with the confidence that you will be able to enjoy yourself by gaining more independence with your mobility. Unit Weight (with Battery): 46lbs. Weight Capacity: Supports up to 265lbs. Frame: Titanium Alloy Dimensions (Unfolded): 34″L X 24″W X 36″H Dimensions (Folded): 24″L X 10″LX 30″ H Miles per battery Charge: 12.5 Miles (24 with two batteries) Brakes: Intelligent Electromagnetic Driving Speed: Up to 4 miles (Speed control) Battery Charge Time: 5 Hours Turning Radius: 31″/360degrees Seat Depth: 16″ Seat Width: 16″ Back Rest: 14″ Armrest Height: 9″

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Outstanding value. Nothing comparable.

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Five Stars

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I am very pleased with my choice

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