How to Start Your Own Medical Billing Service: Becoming Self Employed

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How to Start Your Own Medical Billing Service: Becoming Self Employed

Looking for a new career? Want to be self-employed? Want to start a business with little overhead? Then stop searching, this is the book you want to read! This book takes you step by step through the process of starting your own medical billing service from your home. The world of medical billing is an ever changing one. Policies and procedures are constantly being updated. In this book I will teach you how to stay on top of them. Medical providers and their staff do not have the time or resources to keep up with insurance companies and their seemingly constant policy changes. Many medical providers outsource to professional medical billing services, like the one I will teach you to be. This book will take you step by step to start your medical billing service. Including all the tools you need to get started, how to market a provider, writing a professional contract, determining your fees, and choosing software. I also share my secrets of medical insurance companies and patient collections with you. Throughout the book I discuss additional services you can offer to generate even more income for your medical billing service. You can and will be successful!

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lb says:

A perfect starting point for those looking to start their own business

Frank Giordano says:

It covers all the topics needed to start up a business in medical billing.

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