Accu-check Aviva Connect Kit

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Accu-check Aviva Connect Kit

Transfers results wirelessly to your smartphone. Optional bolus advice through the Accu-Chek® Connect app. Simple text menu options for easy navigation. Transfer blood glucose date from meter, to smartphone, to web.* Automatically records test results in your logbook, eliminating the need to enter them by hand. Converts data into charts to provide a fast, easy, and visual way to spot trends that help you and your healthcare professional manage your diabetes. Secure, cloud-based blood glucoses data is accessible wherever you need it, and is easily shared with your healthcare professional. Seamlessly view and share logbook and reports via e-mail, text message, or online. Option to receive bolus advice* through our app’s proprietary Accue-Chek bolus advisor when enabled by your healthcare professional.

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fmnapier says:

Great for people who hate writing or keeping a log …

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