Home Workout: 15-Minute Effective Home Workouts: To Build Lean Muscle and Lose Weight (Home Workout, Home Workout Plan, Home Workout For Beginners) (Bodybuilding Series)

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Home Workout: 15-Minute Effective Home Workouts: To Build Lean Muscle and Lose Weight (Home Workout, Home Workout Plan, Home Workout For Beginners) (Bodybuilding Series)

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Learn How To Build Muscle And Get In Shape With These 15-Minute Workouts You Can Do At Home.

While a gym membership can be a great investment in one’s own body and health, many of us simply have neither the time nor the experience for lengthy and complicated workouts. Fortunately this doesn’t mean you can’t get fit in your own four walls. All you need is your own body and the motivation to follow a simple but effective 15 minute workout routine a few times per week.

Here is what you will get:

- 3 Full Body Workouts

- 2 Upper Body Workouts

- 2 Lower Body Workouts

- 2 Chest Workouts

- 2 Back Workouts

- 2 Leg Workouts

- 2 Shoulder Workouts

- Nutrition and Diet Secrets That Will Help You Grow Muscle And Burn Fat

Depending on body region you want to target I have included a special workout for every important muscle group as well as full body, upper- and lower body workouts. For each of these muscle groups you can choose between a bodyweight workout, for which you need no extra equipment and a dumbbell workout that utilizes a set of simple dumbbells.

Over 45 exercises, each explained in detail:

- step by step instructions on how to perform the exercise

- a picture / illustration

- details about the primary and secondary muscles involved

- safety tips

- and possible variations

Beginners often use bad form, which can lead to long term joint problems. To help you avoid any risk of injury, at the end of the book under “All Exercises” you will find a detailed explanation of every exercise mentioned in the workouts as well as safety tips and possible variations.

I promise you that if you follow the workouts in this book, you will grow muscle and lose fat within a few weeks.

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