Diabetes: Top 20 foods to eat to control your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes

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Diabetes: Top 20 foods to eat to control your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes

You may be wondering – Could eating the right foods make a difference in my fight against Diabetes ? In this revised and expanded edition of ” Diabetes: Top 20 foods to eat to control your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes” you will get answers to some potentially life and death questions: What is diabetes? What are some of the symptoms I should watch for? What could happen if I just ignore this? What are some of the complications I should know about? What is retinopathy? What is neuropathy? Can I stop this and if so – HOW? What are some foods I should be eating? Which foods do I need to avoid? Tips on living with diabetes. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use certain foods to cope with diabetes See what others are saying As a health nut (self-described), I constantly feed myself with information to keep myself healthy. I read…a lot. So I seek books that are succinct, yet contain the information I want. This is the book to get for diabetes. The topic can be complicated; this book is a more or less overview (with just enough detail) of diabetes that is easily digestible. The book, which by the way is well-written, covers what laymen need to know about type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It further covers prediabetes, which I learned from the book does not mean you WILL get diabetes, yet it is still dangerous as it can lead to heart disease. The book quotes studies that state (I did not know this), that diabetic patients tend to develop foot problems (so, take care of your feet!). The author covers recommended foods for diabetics. This is not an in-depth book on all things diabetes, and that is what I liked about it. I did not want all the science; I wanted the fundamentals and how to avoid getting diabetes…. Finally, as a bonus, there are sample and uncomplicated recipes for diabetics that I will try just b/c they are easy to prepare and look great to eat! Eric Laughton This is a very good book! I was looking for more information regarding diabetes and prediabetes, and I just happened upon Melanie’s book. She provided a lot of information that I was unaware of, and even included a sample menu…complete with recipes! (I’m not a skilled cook by any stretch of the imagination–which may be why I was just diagnosed with prediabetes–but I think I’ll at least be able to follow the directions for some of what she suggested. Bottom line, if you have just been diagnosed, or even if you just eat a lot of sugary foods (GUILTY!) I highly recommend you start here…I think you’ll be glad you did. Good job, Melanie! Tom Anders Written from the personal viewpoint of a cancer survivor, this book describes how food can be our medicine and our cure…….Very helpful book. Highly recommended. Christina Get your copy today!

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Eric Laughton says:

The ABC’s of diabetes broken down into a simple and effective read. 0

Tom Anders says:

A wonderful book for anyone wanting to learn more about the disease. 0

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