CardioCheck Blood Testing Device kit with 6ct HDL 6ct Triglyceride 6ct Total Cholesterol 25ct Pipettes and 20ct Lancets

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CardioCheck Blood Testing Device kit with 6ct HDL 6ct Triglyceride 6ct Total Cholesterol 25ct Pipettes and 20ct Lancets

CardioChek Deluxe kit for testing Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol & Triglyceride levels at home.

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Questionable Sanitary shipment I purchased the CardioCheck and I am questioning the sanitary status of the Pipettes(little capilaries/collectors). I didn’t give it a 5 star rating not because the product is bad,(by the way: CardioCheck has a very high rating with government controlling agencies) but because of the way I received the items within the package.I ordered my CardioCheck Blood Testing Device kit with 6ct HDL 6ct Triglyceride 6ct Total Cholesterol 25ct Pipettes and 20ct Lancets. This was what Amazon had listed as a complete ‘Kit’. When I received the shipment, (it was shipped from Test Medical Systems at Home, Inc. a supplier of the CardioCheck equipment located in Ohio), it came through Amazon in a medium shipping box containing a smaller sealed box with the CardioCheck instrument, three sealed boxes containing the individual test strips (HDL,Trigs,TotChol) and a plastic bag (it was one of those sandwich bags with a foldover flap-not a ziploc) containing 18 lancets and 18 Pipettes.My first thought was just how sanitary were the Pitettes seeing that they were in an ‘open’ sandwich bag (sealed with a piece of scotch tape) that has small holes/tears in it, within a shipping box containing the other 4 items along with shipping/packing material to fill the void withing the box; secondly, why did I get shortchanged in the quantity of Pipetts and Lancets?So I went to Amazon and searched for the Pipettes and there it lists a ‘sealed’ container with 25 collectors. (See: PTS #5655 Plastic Capillary (qty:25); Collect 15ul of Blood for Cardio Chek Analyzer Test Strips.)Now my thoughts were really confused in that one can order the Pipetts individually and they come in a sealed plastic container but here I was looking at an slighty open sandwich (with holes) and the Pipetts themselves were loose and unsealed. So I made a few phone calls, first to CardioCheck headquarters in Indianapolis, the Customer service person was so helpful, she listened to my issues and was also concerned so they (CardioCheck) are sending me a new set of sealed Lancets and Pipetts. She did not have an answer as to why the amount of Lancetts and Pipetts were at 18 ea when Amazon’s description listed them as 25ct and 20ct respectively. I checked with Amazon’s website (my orders) while I was on the phone, and looking at my past orders saw that it was shipped from ‘TestMedicalSystems@Home, Inc’ and the person at CardioCheck said I would have to call them and ask them the same questions; but that she was also going to pass this along to her Quality Control department.Next I called customer service at Test Medical Systems at Home, Inc, and explained the issue to them, the person looked up my Amazon order and confirmed that it was packaged and shipped from them. The person on the phone told me that they get the Pipettes and Lancets in a box of 100 count, then someone picks the items from the larger box and places them into small plastic bags for shipment. I stated that seeing that they were representing medical equipment, wouldn’t it be advisable to have sanitary contitions to handle these devices seeing that one has to prick their finger, draw some blood and then place the pippette at the point of wound to draw in the blood?Just how sanitary was that I said, where someone sticks their hand into a larger box of supplies (where they wearing gloves? silence), grabs a handfull, probably places them on a counter or table top (was the area cleaned first?: silence) counts out the amount and then places them into a plastic sandwich bag (are the bags sanitary?: silence)… It seems that the whole issue of packaging the components is subject to review.I mentioned that just the other day in the news was an article about a drug resistant germ that is prevelant within hospitals (especially in the UK) where people are being submitted to a hospital, come in contact with these germs and because their body resistance is low, come down with life threating uncurable infections resulting in death); why would a company who represents medical equipment where a user must injur themself (prick their finger tip) draw blood from an open wound and then place a susceptible sanitary instrument at the point of wound to collect blood and place that person in a position of possibly getting an infection as a result? How do I know if the person handling these instruments during packaging doesn’t have some illness, maybe HIV?Their reply was “well you have to wipe or clean off your finger first”, I responded that yes but what good is that when the instrument you use (based on their description of handling) is sanitarially questionalable. Even wiping the outside tip of the pipette is not enough because germs can remain within the little opening capilary and be passed on. They said well that is how they package their supplies. I suggested that they run the questions I proffered to their management team and…

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