Dimstri Home Remedies: Teeth Care

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Dimstri Home Remedies: Teeth Care

An Instant Home Remedy & Relief Series for People Worldwide with near 350 Diseases Remedy.

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With the huge success of 350 Dimstri Home Remedies Batch eBooks, herewith initiated is the launch of the new series Dimstri Instant Homeo Remedies.

The difference added with the upcoming series, which nears to some 1500 eBooks is that Homeopathy is considered to be a Long Term & Time Taking Cure Science, which will be proved all wrong with the Instant Cure eBooks launched hereby which will yield results in moments.

Desired with this series of Books is reestablishment of faith of the people worldover in this treatment Science, where unlike Professional Physicians I desire that the people get an immediate relief and also a freedom from the being engaged with the physicians in the long term.

It is appealed with the very minimal MRP for these eBooks that the people see the people of poverty classes be benefitted with these remedy prescriptions and also they see the poor be provided with the remedy medicines which cost none in comparison to high priced medicines of the Allopathy and other Medicinal Sciences.

Like here set ‘Di Thy World’ sets it as a duty to see the people all over, get a large scale freedom from the private consultations, it will be very praiseworthy if the people on the other hand set it as their duty to see the needy sections of the society be helped with these eBooks and also the Low Priced Homeopathic Medicines.

The biggest gift one can to anyone is a Good-Health as Health means Wealth and I would assume with my pen here that the people all over will not cross their hearts to see the trodden helped.

Di Thy World, will appreciate the people if get they tagged with it’s various Social Networking preferences, preferably the Specially Initiated Blog (Thou Subarat : www.didimstri.blogspot.com & DIMSTRI Live : www.dimstri.blogspot.com) & Twitter, which will be Lifeful soon, where we will update all with every new and upcoming trends in the field as soon as my Priority Work of here gets Complete. The First Blog will update all with the symptoms, remedy ebooks & also will answer to queries raised while the other will update all with the new releases with the DIMSTRI.

After a sales success of near 5000eBooks, sold of the 350eBooks ‘DIMSTRI Home Remedies’ series, in the first 17 days of launch, after meeting the BEP Target, it is herewith decided to see the eBook Prices slashed from 2.99 to 0.99 US$ and the same will be visible from July 20, 2015.

Love & Regards

Happy Reading & Happy Healthy Life to All


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