Freestyle 1: A Bad Boy Romance (Action Sports Alphas)

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Freestyle 1: A Bad Boy Romance (Action Sports Alphas)

Introducing Book One of Remi Fox’s sexy, new series Freestyle.

Twenty-five-year-old freestyle motocross icon, Cory Steele, has got it made. He’s got the dream job, a lifestyle he loves and a different girl in his bed every night. What more could a guy ask for? The reckless, tattooed bad boy is notorious for not only his skills on a dirt bike, but his skills in the bedroom. When an unexpected beauty catches his eye, Cory, for the first time ever, finds himself chasing after the girl.


I guess I’m what you’d call an adrenaline junkie. I live for the thrill of it. The thrill of life. There’s an indescribable pleasure I get from being wild, testing my limits. The freestyle motocross lifestyle was made for me. Crazy parties, dope tricks, cash and more ready and willing women than you could ever imagine.

Girls always come to me. Cory Steele does not chase after women. At least, until now.

I’ve never been into a girl like her before, a smart, beautiful woman. Not one of those moto groupies who hangs around practically begging to be f*cked, not that I have any complaints about those. This girl is the real deal. The type that you can’t kick out after the sex is over. The type of girl who is off-limits to a guy like me. But damn if that doesn’t make her even more enticing. I should just walk away and forget Sam, but I can’t.


I’ve always been the levelheaded, pragmatic one in my circle of friends. My job at the local bookstore isn’t exactly a gateway for parties, or meeting men for that matter. But that’s okay. I enjoy my quiet lifestyle, I’m not looking for a change. At least I wasn’t looking for a change. Ever since I laid my eyes on the tattooed hunk of a bad boy, Cory, I haven’t been able to get him off my mind. I feel myself constantly hoping for another chance encounter, daydreaming about all the naughty things he could show me.

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